Ordering can be done in person at our offices, by telephone, by fax or online.

On-line ordering - INSTRUCTIONS

At the top of the page is - Register here! - and clicking on that field will appear in the form that you need to enter your information and to fill the boxes next to them there is a *, so that registration was successful.

Username and password is what will be needed for each consecutive order.
When you enter your verification number, click the-Register-rigistrovan become a user of our site and in the upper left corner is now your username.

In this way you allow yourself a quick calculation and forwarding the same in the form of invoice us in the simplest possible way. 
Now you can go to a page-Products-Prices-or-click a product appears on the right hand column-Quantity-enter the desired number and click the-Order-then the product is stored in -Shopping cart- which is located in the middle left part and the presentation could be reviewed, amended and changed at any time.

Upon completion of your order by clicking the Create -quote- Your order is passed on to our Civil Service that will take you, if you have entered the contact information to confirm your order. Order confirmation is required.